Welcome to the 18th Thatcham Festival. The Festival is a showcase of the range of activities that are available in our town and the talents of Thatcham residents. Whether you are interested in sport, music, dance, theatre, history, craft or gardening, you will almost certainly find something to interest you.

For this year’s Festival we welcome new musicians, new organisations and new venues. It is great to see more people wanting to take part in the Festival and a real pleasure to have those groups and individuals returning this year who continue to dedicate their time and enthusiasm.

Thatcham Town Council would like to thank the Thatcham Memorial Hall & Playing Fields Foundation for sponsoring this programme and express its gratitude to the artists, craftspeople, community groups, dancers, musicians, teachers, theatrical performers and everyone who has given time and service to the 2018 Thatcham Festival.

This year all Festival events will be listed on the Facebook @ThatchamFest page. Thatcham Photographic Club and individual photographers registered with the Council will be visiting many events and we hope to include these photographs on the Festival website www.thatchamfestival.info which is kindly provided by Nick Young at DevZen.

One of the aims of the Festival is to provide the majority of the activities free of charge to the public. Events in this programme marked with ADMIT ONE ADMIT ONE will require a free ticket or booking with the event organiser. Tickets are available via www.thatchamtc.eventbrite.co.uk or in person at Thatcham Town Council Offices unless otherwise mentioned in the listing.

Where events or exhibitions take place on more than one day they have been listed under every day that they are running.

I hope you will enjoy the Festival and I look forward to seeing you there.

Councillor Jan Cover
Town Mayor of Thatcham 2018- 2019